Servo Motors and Drive Combos

DIS-2 310V

The decentralised control concept is at the heart of the DIS-2 drive/motor technology. The servo motor and drive form a single unit which is applied directly where the motion is required.

In this configuration the drive unit sits locally to the motor reducing the cabling requirements. A typical servo motor cable set comprises the power (motor) and feedback (resolver, encoder, hall sensor, etc) cables which can require, in total, more than 12 individual cores. The savings in the cable and installation costs can be considerable. Add to this the mounting space savings in the control enclosure and the decentralised concept makes sense, especially in applications where there are large distances between the axes.

At the drive/motor end only the power supply input and control signals have to be attached. This is further simplified if the machine is being run on a FieldBUS network such as CANopen, EtherCat or ProfiBus.

Typical applications include: food processing, back-stop or jig positioning, printing and packaging, servo valves, automatic transport vehicles, conveyor systems, battery driven vehicles and portable machinery.