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Brushed DC motors

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All tips for Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors

Permanent Magnet DC Servo Motors

DC servo motors (brushed servo motors) can be operated in a number of ways depending on the requirement. Simply connected to a DC supply they can provide very low cost motion, typically at a set speed or operating via position switches on the axis.

Utilising a DC servo drive running in armature feedback mode the motors provide reasonable speed control without the need for any feedback. Alternatively they can be used in current mode, providing variable torque from an analogue +/-10V demand signal.

Combining a DC servo motor with a tachogenerator and appropriate servo drive forms an axis control system that still rivals even the now commonplace highly AC digital servo systems in terms of smooth speed control. This is one of the reasons that brushed DC servo motors are widely used in low-voltage systems for metrology, medical and CNC applications.

Functionality can be further expanded by utilising encoders in addition or in place of tachogenerators, providing position as well as velocity feedback.

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