Direct Drive Servo Motors

MPC-SKA range
SKA direct drive motor range including frameless rotary and linear units and the PowerPak rotary and Compact linear versions 

Direct drive motors are available in both rotary & linear executions and offer tangible benefits to conventional power transmission solutions such as motors with gearboxes, belt and chain-drive, etc.

Besides eliminating backlash and mechanical elasticity in the transmission train, direct drive motors drastically reduce design in time and costs. In addition the reduction in the number of components used reduces servicing work and lowers maintenance costs.

Direct drive motors also provide appreciable energy savings through improved overall efficiency.

Rotary direct drive motors, also often referred to as torque motors, provide very smooth motion as well as tight dynamic control, due to their high number of motor poles.

Where conventional servo systems typically are considered with inertia mismatches of up to 10:1, using direct drive motors can increase this to 100:1 and beyond. Loads with an inertial mismatch in respect of the motor in excess of 500:1 have already been implemented.

Direct Drive Linear Servo Motors offer high end performance in linear motion applications such as pick and place systems, product sorting and handling, measurement and metrology, to name a few.

Where conventional methods such as belt drive, chain drive, rack and pinion and other mechanical drive-train solutions are limited in terms of precision and ball-screw solutions are limited in terms of speed, Direct Drive Linear Motors off the complete package. High speed and precision.



The video clip shows a SKAddr direct drive motor in combination with a twin-head SKAddl direct drive linear motor and a conventional brushless servo motor. Note how the base unit of the linear axis is fitted with two completely independent carriages.


Also the losses in mechanical drive trains can be considerable meaning higher than necessary energy consumption, not to mention wear factors and the resulting down-time for maintenance.

Direct Drive Linear Servo Motors overcome these issues by applying the power directly where it is needed... at the point of motion. This is achieved by integrating the winding in to the mobile part, while the static part is formed by the track to which the permanent magnets are fixed.

Direct Drive Linear Servo Motors are typically offered as frameless units (comprising a part-set of track and carriage) for volume OEM applications or as ready-assembled units (with integrated linear guide rails and feedback) for low-volume system builds and individual projects. They are available up to 3m long and are capable of producing up to 7,200N of peak force.