Speed & Position Sensors

The Lenord+Bauer range of speed and position sensors are wide-spread in two distinct application areas:

Speed and position sensing on the likes of...

  • Speed detection in HSC spindles (High-Speed-Cutting)
  • Milling and grinding spindles in machine tools for the machining of metal, wood, glass, stone and aluminium
  • Angle measurement in radar equipment
  • Electronic synchronisation of helical spindles in dry-running vacuum pumps
  • Test stands
  • Integrated into motors and gearboxes

Speed sensing in rail vehicles for...

  • Traction control
  • Wheel slip prevention
  • Motor speed monitoring

The Lenord+Bauer sensors are contact-free and equipped with a magnetic scanning system which, in conjunction with a toothed wheel as a measuring scale, permit the measurement of rotary motion. This solution is exceptionally space-saving. For the measurement of linear motion, a pitch structure in a piston rod can also be detected by a suitably configured MiniCoder.

The sensor elements, the magnet and the integrated electronic system are incorporated in state-of-the-art microsystem technology and are fully encapsulated. The design, together with subsequent circuitry, ensures an electrically and mechanically robust product.