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Motion Control

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Motion Control

Motion controllers, PLCs, PC based control and intelligent drives all vie to be at the heart of the machine, each with pros and cons.

Motion controllers are most suited to applications where the "motion" is critical. Position, velocity and/or torque of the machine axes are controlled using devices such as electric motors, hydraulic or linear actuators. Motion controllers provide the platform to manage complex motions, sychronise axes, interface between operator and machine, amongst other tasks.

Motion controllers are widely used in the packaging, printing, textile, semiconductor production, and assembly industries.

We provide a range of motion control platforms to suit a wide variety of applications. In brief the range covers:

  • Stand-alone motion controllers for 1 to 64 axis
  • Motion control cards for PCI, RS232, RS485, Modbus and Ethernet
  • Plug-in motion control cards for Kollmorgen Servostar and Metronix ARS2000 servo drives
  • EtherCAT, CANopen, Sercos servo drive link
  • Factory Communication via ProfiBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus, ProfiNET, etc.
  • Operator interfaces, I/O expansion and software tools

If you have a specific requirement and wish to discuss the options available, please contact us.